Our Services

Gordobe Homes is not a volume builder for the specific reason of being personally and directly involved on a daily basis (hands on) with each client’s project.  This is a level of personal attention that sets us apart from the volume builders.


New Construction

When building a new home from ground up it is very important to interpret what the Architect and Client are trying to achieve through the architectural drawings produced. Drawings show how the structure is technically built and supposed to look like. Our goal is to make sure that the true character of the project, as the Architect and Client envision it, is accomplished to full satisfaction.


In a restoration project, bringing a structure back to its’ original architectural origin is a challenging task.  Some projects have been altered from their original state. Thorough careful review is taken to make sure the correct vision or vernacular is kept on track. We take great pride in addressing the architectural nuances whether it be, the Mood Sisters, George Washington Smith, Cliff May or contemporaries of Frank Loyd Wright.  We take the time and energy necessary to study the characteristics of the original concepts so that the finished product is in keeping to its’ true architectural style.


Renovations can have their own set of challenges and can consist of as small as a bathroom rebuild, kitchen cabinet replacement or consist of an entire home revitalization.  Sometimes there are homes whose life span is somewhat used up. Other times the home has been altered so many times that to bring it back to life will have its’ own set of hurdles to surpass. We work hard to provide the solutions for whatever issues come with the task of giving our clients a home that they will be proud of.

Additions & Remodels

Additions and remodels consist of reconfiguring your home to fit your current or future needs.  No doubt you have put considerable thought onto what your needs are. Whether you’re just adding a room or making a major change in the layout of a large portion of your home.   Our task is to ensure that your needs and expectations are met and exceeded as well as doing so in a manner that affords you complete satisfaction.

From Our Customers

The best way to describe Gordobe’s work, is excellent quality with efficient execution. What set Gordobe apart was the great communication and coordination, the quality of detail, level of supervision, and technical knowledge for detailed execution. It was a joy to feel confident. It is always a pleasure as an architect to work with Gordobe Homes.

- Christopher A. Manson-Hing, AIA

Our relationship with Gordobe Homes has been nothing but great. Considering we were remodeling while living in Michigan, Gordobe Homes offered peace of mind with seamless daily communication, impeccable project management including daily emails with attached photos so we could visually monitor the progress on our home.   One subcontractor told us, “We know that if Gordon approves our work the customer is always happy.” We were amazed by the transformation of our home when we returned to Santa Barbara for the winter. Everything looked fabulous. All of the work had been done at the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.   The work was completed on schedule before we arrived and our house was clean, ready for our occupancy.

We would recommend them to anyone looking for a residential contractor.

- Harvey Solway

I have worked with Gordon Gibbons for 25 years both as a client and on projects as an interior designer. I can say without hesitation that Gordobe is the best contractor I have ever worked with in my long career as a designer. His integrity and in his personal work ethic set him apart. He always thinks things through to make sure he does the best job possible and always follows up with his clients to make sure they are satisfied long after the job is completed.

Gordobe maintains a high level and skilled crew that has worked with him for years. That is a testimony of the cooperation, work ethic, smooth project management and respect among the team. In essence Gordobe always comes through until the contract is completed.

- Micholyn Brown Design

What have been the benefits of working with Gordobe for your home improvement or remodeling: project? Because Gordon grew up in Montecito and it’s the place where most of his work has been done, he takes his work personally because he wants the best for the community. Consequently, there is, a no compromising quality, ethic that he lives by. I would give Gordon’s work the highest possible quality rating. I recommend him without any reservation at all!

- Jerry Hatchett